The Intercos Group is one of the leading worldwide operators in creation, development and production of makeup (lipsticks, powders, colored emulsions and cosmetic pencils) for the cosmetic industry's major international players. Dario Ferrari, the founder of Intercos, began his activity by establishing Intercos in 1972. From the 80s the group started focusing on "full outsourcing" in the colour cosmetics industry, making substantial investments in R&D, developing innovative marketing concepts and creating its own formulations and product portfolio.
Since 2006 Intercos has operated in the skincare market, through the acquisition of the Swiss company CRB. The Intercos group now operates through companies and production plants found in Italy, the U.S.A., Malaysia and China as well as through 8 commercial offices which are present in strategic countries (USA, France, Italy, UK, Malaysia and China).

The Intercos group has always believed in the importance of developing a strong culture of innovation. Operating in the make-up market is particularly demanding: the product is complex, it needs to be constantly re-invented, it has a short life cycle and it has only a short space of time to reach the market. In order to continuously improve the innovation process, important relationships with some Italian and foreign universities and private research centers have been established. One of the key elements which allows Intercos to be an innovation leader is the continuous monitoring and testing of new raw materials which appear on the market. Intercos has the capacity to transform new raw materials into new ingredients. 
These are developed in order to create increasingly innovative products.
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