About us

CRB Benelux BV is an innovative lab for material science focused on products for personal care. 
We screen and test raw materials and new technologies to prepare a new range of formulas and products for colored cosmetics, skin and hair care. The raw materials we use are mostly natural and organic. We are searching all over the world for these materials. We also have a fine chemical lab for development of polymers, liposomes, ceramides etc. These ingredients we also apply in our cosmetics. The green chemistry and biotechnology are key words in our work.

Pietro Rando has an experience of 27 years in R&D for cosmetics. He always works with a lot of passion and instinct for new make-up trends. He developed a lot of patents for emulsion technology, polymers and surface treatments and gel systems.

We are a daughter company of Intercos, one of the biggest companies for make-up in Europe. Intercos has been successful for 40 years in creating, developing and manufacturing cosmetics for the biggest international brand names in cosmetics. Without knowing it millions of women over the world use Intercos make-up.

Because beauty is a dream, we put a lot of passion in finding the best ingredients, achieving the best technology and developing the best products. We believe very strongly that we are in the best place to achieve this. The region has much knowledge about polymer technology, biomaterials and color technology. The location at a Life Science Center (Biopartner) and the connection with the university gives us the best opportunity to be dedicated to our "beauty" work.

We want to work close with universities and companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With these partners, we like to explore life science materials and techniques to develop active molecules for skincare, with a focus on anti-aging and sun protection products. We like to exchange knowledge and technology to make innovative cosmetics. Therefore CRB is open to new ideas and collaboration.

We can also do contract research for non-cosmetic companies. We can transfer our knowledge for non-cosmetic applications, for example we can integrate active (pharmaceutical/OTC) compounds in stick- and lipophilic systems, emulsions, gels and powders.

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